Manchester Chamber of Commerce

200 East Main Street

Manchester, IA 52057

"General Rules"   Please Read Before Submitting any entry

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The Manchester Chamber of Commerce, and Cites of Manchester and the State of Iowa or anyone helping with this ride assumes NO responsibility for personal injury, property damage, theft or loss during this event.  Each participant must wear a helmet & is responsible for obeying all traffic regulations and personal safety while riding.   All cyclist ride at their own risk and agree to hold the cities of Manchester, Dundee, Oneida, Delaware County, and the State of Iowa or anyone helping with this ride BLAMELESS in case of accident or injury.  Any cyclist under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  A parent or guardian must sign the riders under the age of 18.  All registration forms must be signed, and in signing the liability release, the rider/or  responsible party agrees to the above condition.



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